In the Retired mailbox we find all the ads that are in this state. By clicking on any of them, we can retrieve the advertisement information mentioned in the previous points and, above all, we can download the diligence:

There we find two drop-down menus that allow you to decide the format and language of diligence for that particular announcement, despite what has been defined by default in the configuration or management area.
The due diligence is a PDF document attesting to the following:

1. The deadlines for public display of the announcement,
2. The identification data of the advertisement.
3. The name of the PDF document that was published attached to the advertisement and its cryptographic summary.
4. A reference to the electronic evidence that reliably attests to the publication of the announcement, attached to the PDF of the diligence, which are accessible by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat clip icon:

5. An exposition of the guarantees of authenticity and integrity offered by the proceedings through the electronic signature of the PDF through the electronic seal of the user of the e-TAULER service.

The proceedings can be generated in two formats:

  • electronic
  • Printable: in order to be able to return them printed on paper and by post. In this case, in addition to the elements described above, a field reserved for manual signature appears.

The proceedings, in addition, can also be generated in Spanish and Aranese. This decision can be made both at the level of configuration and management of ads.

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