Before you can start editing and running your ads, you need to set up your e-BOARD. That is, you need to define a set of preferences that will affect your use of the service, such as public display deadlines, ad rank, languages, status change notices, appearance, etc.

To access the configuration features of the e-BOARD, just click on the link named Settings , located at the bottom of the menu bar, on the left of the screen:

Access to e-BOARD configuration options is an exclusive privilege for users who have the role of Administrator . If this role is not available, the link in question is not visible to the user. For administrators of dependent entities , they can only configure email alerts, but not the other configuration options, which are unique to administrators of the parent entity.

1. General configuration

The first tab we find when accessing it is the General settings.
The general configuration is divided into four sections:

1 General data
2 Programming
3 Email alerts
4 Appearance

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