A. Define the proposed business days by default when creating ads. This number can be changed when each ad is created, as long as the maximum ceiling is not exceeded (see next point B ).

B. Maximum working day cap on all ads.
1. In the event of an announcement being received through the sending of EACAT edicts whose end date of public exhibition is higher than this maximum ceiling, if we want to respect the date proposed by the issuing body of the ad, the maximum days to post to the settings must be increased. Otherwise, saving or validating this draft will lose the date defined by the issuing body and set the maximum permitted date as the end of publication.
2. If the maximum ceiling is reduced, this decision affects in the same terms described in the previous point (1) all previously saved ads in Draft status or Ads in Scheduled status that are returned to Draft status; but not to those scheduled that will follow their publication cycle when appropriate or those that are in the Published state.

C. Calendar of non-working days : The official calendar of Catalan holidays has effects as a calendar of non-working days with regard to the calculation of administrative deadlines in Catalonia. The calendar of non-working days conditions the calculation of the days of public exposure when the ads are created. This calendar should be updated annually. The person who has the e-BOARD administrator profile can change the reported dates at any time.

D. Calendar of local festivities : By clicking on the calendar icon, the list of dates is displayed, where you can add the two dates corresponding to the non-working days of the municipality where the body holding the e-office is located. BOARD or add any additional or alternative date to the calendar mentioned in the previous point ( C ). Business days are marked with bold numbering and business days with a normal font. It should be noted that all Saturdays and Sundays are defined by default as non-working days and cannot in any case be defined as working days.

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