In this section you can customize the appearance of the citizen portal and the proceedings.
The style sheet allows you to customize the citizen portal with the corporate colors of each entity. To perform this customization you can take as a reference the standard file used by the e-BOARD. Once the appropriate customizations have been carried out, the file must be uploaded to the corresponding section. For more information on the stylesheet, see the manual along with the CSS file mentioned above .
The shield or logo that is visible in the proceedings and of the citizen portal must be in JPEG or GIF format and it is recommended that they do not exceed 70 pixels in height and 400 in width.

Once you have uploaded any of these items, you can restore the original look by removing them.
At the end, the configuration preferences must be saved in order for them to take effect, or they can be canceled.

IMPORTANT: Dependent administrators do not have access to Appearance configuration options.

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