To apply for the e-TAULER, you must:

1. If you are a public sector body of the Generalitat:

Those in charge who wish to request enrollment in the e-TAULER must contact the On-Site Care and Quality Area of the General Directorate of Citizen Services:

2. If you are NOT a public sector body of the Generalitat:

Access the procedure you will find in EACAT Procedures > provider Consorci AOC, Service CAOC – Request for services > Procedure "Request for registration and modification of AOC services" .

Screen EACAT procedure request for AOC services

It is important that you consider:

  • That the form must be downloaded from the entity requesting the service.
  • That in order to be able to download the registration form, the EACAT user manager must have assigned you permissions for the "CAOC service - Service Request" .
  • That, once the form has been completed and validated, it will be necessary to sign it electronically and send it through the "Send" button on the form itself or through EACAT Procedures > Registration window .
  • If you have to transfer the Electronic Seal certificate to use the service, consult the FAQ How to transfer electronic seal certificates to the AOC Consortium?

dependent us

Dependent entities are entities with their own legal personality, but linked to a main entity or owner of the e-TAULER service, on whose citizen portal they want to publish their advertisements instead of publishing them on their own portal.

The registration of the dependent entities must be authorized and requested by the head of the main entity's e-TAULER using the initial registration form or subsequent modification of the service.

Users of dependent entities are registered by the manager of this entity in EACAT, who manage their own ads from a specific management environment specific to the dependent entity in question. (v. e-TAULER user manual , point 4)

Recommendations for implementing the Electronic Panel

1.- Approve the standard regulatory ordinance for electronic administration promoted by Localret.
2.- Regulate the electronic board by means of the decree Regulation of the dissemination of information of the municipal administration and edict board promoted by Localret.