Law 26/2010, of 3 August, on the legal and procedural regime of the public administrations of Catalonia, in its article 58 on the publication of administrative acts, third section, specifies:

The public administrations may replace or supplement the publication of the acts and communications that, by legal or regulatory provision, must be published on the notice board or by means of edicts for publication in the corresponding electronic office.

In the event that the post on the electronic dashboard replaces the physical dashboard, the following requirements must be guaranteed:

  • Universal dashboard access : Anyone wishing to do so must be able to access ads posted on the dashboard. Otherwise, this publication will only be complementary.
  • Computer equipment to access it : in order to prevent unequal access by citizens to the electronic bulletin board, it is advisable for local authorities to enable a terminal installed in their premises, as well as the necessary help to allow consultation. effective.
  • Formal creation of the electronic headquarters : the effective replacement of the physical board by the electronic one is only possible if the electronic headquarters of the entity has been created by ordinance or regulation.
  • Regulation of the exclusive character of the electronic board : the user of an electronic board must establish by ordinance or regulation if this is a substitute or complementary to the physical board.
  • Authenticity, integrity and availability of published advertisements : Permanent access to the information published on the electronic bulletin board must be guaranteed, as well as the use of mechanisms that reliably accredit the publication deadlines with full guarantees for legal purposes.