Ads are grouped in the Trays according to their status , and when clicked, they appear in the center panel (center of the screen).

The different service trays are:

Next to each of the trays is the number of ads that the user has not yet accessed . In this case, the title of these ads is also shown in bold on the center panel.


All ads in all states and, by default, sorted by show start .

  • User-created ads with the Editor role saved waiting to be edited and submitted for validation
  • Ads that have been submitted for validation but have not been approved and returned by a user as a Publisher.
  • Announcements that have entered draft status from the EACAT inter-administrative submission.
  • Published or removed ads that have been copied by an Editor in order to take advantage of their content

Ads submitted by a publisher for validation by a publisher.


Announcements that a publisher has approved for publication and are waiting for their publication to take effect when appropriate, according to scheduled dates. If the start date is today, the announcement remains for a short period of time in its scheduled state, and its immediate release is immediate.


Ads that appear on the service's citizen portal and are therefore searchable via the Internet.


Announcements The public display period on the citizen portal has ended, either because the scheduled posting period has already ended or because they have been removed before their end by a user with the role of Withdraw.


Ads that have been managed by the user who is using the service , including any changes, actions taken, or changes made by a user to a particular ad.

  • From this mailbox, the user can choose to receive email alerts each time the ads they have managed change status or are modified.
  • The e-mail address where these alerts are sent to you is the contact address of your EACAT user profile. If you want to receive these notices at another address, you must change to the EACAT profile. It can be accessed from the e-BOARD by clicking on edit and modifying it if desired (the changes will take effect when you log out of EACAT and re-enter).
  • If the user's email address has been included by an administrator in the service settings, the user will not receive duplicate alerts if they choose this option.