In the center panel (center part of the screen) are the listings of ads grouped by status or sorting trays. By default, the All tray is displayed.

Ads are sorted by Ad, Status, When, Expires.

In addition, there are a number of navigation support icons:

  • The red hand- drawn icon indicates that an ad submitted for approval has not been validated, but has been returned by a publisher in Draft status to be modified.
  • The gray arrow document icon indicates that this is an external ad manually entered into the e-BOARD.
  • The icon in the form of a document with a green arrow indicates that it is an external ad that has been sent by an entity through EACAT and therefore has not been manually entered into the e-BOARD. but has been drafted, reviewed by a publisher profile, and validated by a publisher profile.
  • The stamped document icon indicates that this is a withdrawn ad and that by clicking on it, the due diligence can be downloaded without having to enter the ad itself.

By clicking on the title of any of the ads we will be able to access its content and perform the relevant actions.