This manual is a guide to the functionality and use of the e-TAULER application in EACAT, in order to help the user understand how it works, both in terms of its configuration and in relation to the actions that it can be carried out, the management of the ads according to the state in which they are and according to the permissions available to the user who manages them. The e-TAULER allows public workers to manage electronic announcements and publish them through two different modalities:

  1. EACAT : this modality does not require any technical development on the part of the entity and, therefore, the service can be launched relatively quickly and easily (this manual focuses exclusively on this mode of use).
  2. Web Services : modality that allows the service to be integrated with the body's back office tools and the customized design of public employee management screens and citizen portal screens. This modality requires technical resources from the body in order to carry out the necessary developments. Important: this manual does not include information relating to this modality. If you want more information about this modality, you will find it in the Support Portal .

These two modalities are different technological areas that do not synchronize under any circumstances; therefore, neither the announcements managed through Web Services are replicated in the public employee's management environment in EACAT, nor vice versa.

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