Once the registration process has been completed, the person in charge of the service receives a confirmation of the same and, immediately afterwards, the user manager at EACAT must grant permissions to the users of the service.

1. User profiles, permissions and role

The e-TAULER has a series of user profiles that determine the actions that users of the service can carry out. The same user can have a single role, several or all the roles at the same time, depending on the organizational needs of the entity.

  • Administrator role :
    Users with the Administrators profile have general configuration and classification criteria privileges.
  • Editor role:
    This role allows the user to create ads and manage, one by one, the specific parameterization of their publication. With this role, ads can be saved in Draft status until the moment you decide to continue with their publishing process and, where appropriate, send them for validation or even delete them. Publishers can also create a copy of ads in the Published or Withdrawn states in order to leverage their content.
  • Publisher role:
    This role allows you to validate ads previously created by a publisher and that are in the For approval state and, once reviewed, authorize their publication or, otherwise, return them to the Draft state in order to be modified or remove them Ads that are in Scheduled status can also be returned to Draft by the Publisher and also deleted.
  • Remove role:
    This is the role that allows you to manually remove an ad that has already been published before the scheduled automatic removal date.

Important: don't forget to publish the access URL to the citizen portal on the corporate website or electronic headquarters. The service logo is available here .

2. Access to the e-TAULER application in EACAT

Once you have one of the roles described, you can access the e-TAULER management environment in the EACAT Applications tab.

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