In order to send ads from one entity to another, it is no longer necessary for the ad sending entity and the receiving entity to adhere to the e-BOARD service. All EACAT users can send edicts in electronic format through the submission of EACAT edicts, whether or not the issuing and receiving bodies have an electronic bulletin board and, in the event that they do have one, whether this electronic dashboard is the e-DASHBOARD or any other solution.

The sending of edicts allows you to send announcements to any of the entities belonging to the types indicated, which will have to manage their publication in different ways, depending on the following assumptions:

  1. If they are members of the AOC Consortium's electronic board ( e-BOARD ), they must:
    - Validate and publish the announcement that arrives in draft status on the e-BOARD .
    - When the announcement is withdrawn, the due diligence is automatically sent back to the issuing body.
  2. If we are users of an electronic board other than the e-BOARD they must:
    - Download the announcement that reaches them in electronic format through EACAT .
    - Publish it in electronic format on your own electronic board.
    - Once withdrawn, carry out a response procedure using the form provided to EACAT for this purpose, sign it and send it.
  3. If they do not have an electronic bulletin board, but a physical bulletin board in which the ads are displayed on paper, they must:
    - Download the announcement that reaches them in electronic format through EACAT .
    - Print it.
    - Publish it in paper format on your physical board.
    - Once the announcement has been withdrawn, make a reply using the form provided to EACAT for this purpose, sign it and send it.

Enabling us to send edicts and user requirements.

The sending of edicts is enabled to the following types of entities affiliated to the EACAT:

  • City Councils (except Barcelona City Council)
  • The County Councils.
  • The Provincial Councils.
  • The Generalitat de Catalunya: Departments and dependent bodies.
  • Entities that, despite not belonging to the three typologies described, have been registered on the e-BOARD.

All EACAT users registered with any of the bodies belonging to the types detailed in the previous point can use the sending of edicts. They do not need to be authorized by the manager of their body at EACAT, but they must always and in each case sign the submission with their digital certificate (T-CAT).

Sending ads

Access to the ad submission forms can be found in the left column of the EACAT Procedures section:

When you click on it, you must then fill in a field with the name of the recipient or recipient of the ad:

When you enter the name of the entity, a green tablet appears from which you can download a PDF form:

When opening the PDF form, the following fields must be formalized:

  1. The name of the receiving entity reported in the previous point appears by default in the form header.
  2. File number (required), publication start date (required), publication end date.
  3. Keywords to help rank your ad.
  4. NIFs related to the ad in question.
  5. Activació dels idiomes en què es vol que sigui publicat l'anunci (el català és obligatori per defecte; el castellà i l'aranès són opcionals).
  6. Ad title and description in the languages enabled in point 5.
  7. Attached PDF files of the advertisements in the languages activated in point 5 (Catalan is mandatory).
    IMPORTANT : The recipient of the announcements in Spanish and / or Aranese by the recipient of the submission will depend on the fact that he / she has activated this language in the configuration
  8. Place and date of delivery.
  9. Once all the mandatory fields mentioned above have been completed, the form must be validated.

The following must be signed:

And, once signed, if everything is correct, you must send:

As soon as the submission takes effect, the receipt of the electronic records containing the exit entry created in the EACAT Procedures section of the body issuing the announcement and the entry settlement created to that of the receiving entity of the same.

Management of announcements and proceedings for the sending of edicts on the e-BOARD

If the receiving entity is a user of the AOC e-TAULER Consortium's electronic dashboard service:

  1. The ad sent by the sending entity is in draft status and classified as an external ad in the corresponding tray of the receiving entity's e-BOARD.
  2. Users of the receiving entity, depending on their role, have to manage the validation, publication and withdrawal cycle of the external ad.
  3. Once the ad is withdrawn, either automatically or manually, the e-TAULER service automatically returns a signed diligence to the issuing body, through EACAT.
    As a result of the sending of the announcement and the return of the due diligence, the corresponding entries are generated in the records of each of the bodies involved in the process, available at EACAT. Both the announcement and the diligence can also be found in the section Home> Procedures> My EACAT procedures.

Management of announcements and due diligence on other boards

All announcements sent via the inter-administrative submission can be found in the Procedures> My EACAT procedures section:

If you are not registered on the e-BOARD, you can access the ad by clicking on the received ad:

In this same section, a form can be downloaded in order to return the due diligence to the issuing body:

Once processed, the diligence and the corresponding receipt of the electronic records are linked to the shipment initially received.