The e-BOARD is a certified delivery tool with manual and automatic actions associated with managing ads, depending on their status and user profile . This is the flow of possible states and actions depending on the role you play:

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Ads that are managed on the e-BOARD can be found in the following states:

  • Draft : The ad is being created by a user with the Editor profile before being submitted for validation.
  • Please approve : The ad is waiting to be validated and submitted for posting by a user with the Publisher profile.
  • Scheduled : The ad has been validated, submitted for delivery, and is awaiting publication, according to the scheduled show start date.
  • Published : The ad is displayed on the citizen portal and remains visible during the scheduled exhibition period, until its automatic or manual withdrawal.
  • Withdrawn : The ad is no longer visible on the citizen portal, either because its pre-scheduled public display has expired, or because it was removed prematurely by a user with the Withdraw role.

In this context, the state change actions that can be carried out in the eTAULER will always depend on the profile or role available to the user.

It should be noted that of all the possible actions, there is no possibility to return an ad in Published state in order to return it to Draft status. If an ad already running contains an error, it must be removed using the Remove and Rerun role from scratch.

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