A. Signature of the announcement :
From this option it is decided whether the attached PDF files will be automatically signed by means of an electronic seal , when they are published. This signature is carried out whenever the file in question has not been previously signed. This decision affects all published files.

B. Definició del format (electrònic o paper) i l' idioma (català, castellà o aranès) per defecte de les diligències:
These options can also be reset when creating an ad, but then they only affect that ad, exclusively.

C. Language of publication :
El català és l'idioma per defecte de l'e-TAULER, però hom pot, a més, activar l'aranès i el castellà a fi de permetre la publicació d'anuncis traduïts en aquestes dues llengües oficials. Enabling these languages also re-enables the necessary mechanisms, both in classification and editing elements, for users with the editor profile to embed text in the corresponding languages. The multilingual versions of the announcements are accessible from the citizen portal.

The elements that can optionally be translated into other languages are the Classification Criteria and the Title , Description , References and PDF file of the ads. If these elements are not translated, they will appear in the official language by default, which is Catalan. However, the texts of the respective interfaces in Spanish and Aranese, accessible from the citizen portal, will always appear in the corresponding languages.

IMPORTANT: Dependent entity administrators do not have access to the General Data configuration options.

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