This section decides whether or not the e-BOARD service sends an email every time an ad changes status. If so, the addresses of the users to whom the notices are intended to be sent must be entered.

The subject of the e-mails is " Communication of the e-BOARD " and in its body can be read " The ad with the title xxxxx and file yyyyy has passed to the state zzzzz ".

IMPORTANT : Administrators of dependent entities can only configure email alerts, but do not have access to the other configuration options, which are unique to administrators of the parent entity.

In addition to these user-defined status change alerts that have the Administrator profile in the configuration, from the My mailbox in the management environment, the user can decide to receive status change alerts. only those ads that you have accessed in order to manage them.
If an email address has been set as the recipient of the status change alerts in the settings, the alerts will not be duplicated even though they have also been set to My mode.

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